George is, quite simply, the most gifted and intuitive student of the body I have ever met... [h]is thoughtful eye quickly penetrates webs of misdiagnosis and post-injury compensations to see the root cause, the source of imbalance.
Andrew Simonet, co-director, Headlong Dance Theater

Dr. George Russell

George Russell is a "let's-get-to-the-heart-of-it" doctor who works in the shadow of Manhattan's Flatiron Building.  His patient care is hands-on and incorporates many of approaches, including chiropractic, muscle work and therapeutic exercise.  Dr. Russell has spent a lifetime studying the anatomy of the body and soul:  efficient movement, balanced physical function, and joy of life.

"... for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient." - Francis W. Peabody

Pain relief is important.  But true healing is more than the absence of pain. That's why Dr. Russell has developed a clear and comprehensive way to help you make your life easier and more comfortable.  Through attentive listening, examination and analysis, Dr. Russell can help you see, understand and solve the deeper riddles of body balance and habit.  He helps you integrate your anatomy, history, current challenges, and resources with one another so you can help yourself.   Dr. Russell provides a roadmap -- or maybe a GPS -- for moving through challenge to comfort and mastery.

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The Process

Dr. Russell's work includes:

  • Using hands and words to relieve and coordinate muscles, joints, the nervous system and connecting tissues;
  • identifying movement and lifestyle habits that lead to problems;
  • teaching exercise, stretching, core/coordination work and ergonomic improvements for work, home activity, sports, etc.;
  • listening carefully and explaining clearly what is needed to correct the problem and prevent relapse.


Teaching is central to Dr. Russell’s work. He is recognized as a master teacher in the fields of yoga anatomy, bodyworker training, movement and alignment for actors and dancers, dance improvisation, and classes for everyone that teach self-care and resilience. Dr. Russell presents the science of movement and structure in down-to-earth, practical language, without jargon or tedium. Dr. Russell's teaching is crystal-clear, spontaneous, direct and inspiring. He has taught at such diverse places as Wesleyan University, Kripalu (the world's largest yoga teaching center), New York's Atlantic Theater Company, and the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy.

Dr. George Russell

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1133 Broadway (at 26th St)
Suite #1125
New York, NY 10010
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He elicits the active participation of the conscious minds of his clients while working on them. The downside of this is that you don't get to lie there like a piece of meat on the table. The upside is that you may actually gain some insight into the way you live in your body, on and off the table, and how that is open to change.
– Meg Fry, co-director, de Facto Dance Company


"an astonishing intellectual and intuitive intelligence."
Cheryl Varian Cutler, Professor Emeritus, Wesleyan University