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We're in a moment of national panic and contraction right now.  Many people are stunned, and many are frightened, and many are bewildered, and what I'm seeing a lot is people being contracted, pulled in, not in their flow.
It's as if people are suspended waiting to see what can happen next.  And some people are pulling inward, holding back, like people that don't want to step on thin ice. 
I don't understand the economy, and I am beginning to suspect that nobody does.  But one thing I am observing is that the economy fails big time when people stop letting money (a form of energy) flow freely.  A lack of confidence (or you could just say "fear") makes people pull back, and it's not a lack of money, but a lack of flow - socially and economically - that makes the system fail.  
From what I can observe, this is happening on an individual human level too.  People are pulling back from their bodies, and I suspect that some people have pulled back from really discussing what is going on with them, and feeling it.  The physical equivalent of a lack of flowing currency (currency means, after all, energy flow, as in a river) is a shutdown of the circulation system which leads to death.
We need to reverse that, even when we are afraid, and there are ways to do this consciously which are not hard, even for the perennially anxious or the truly terrified.
1. Don't pull back from relationships or friends.  Stay in touch, go out, do new things, talk, play, laugh and dance.
2. Be willing to risk shame by exposing your vulnerability.  Let people know a little more than you normally do where that is appropriate.  Don't just share that you are anxious; let people know exactly what you are thinking and feeling and what is going on even if it makes you look bad or weak.
3. Change your routines to invigorate your flow.  Those of us that live in New York know that when we travel an unusual route on the subway or go to a different part of the city we experience it anew, and that we often run into people we haven't seen in a while, or see celebrities (oh joy).  They're all around us all the time, just like pleasant possibility, but we miss it when we're in our routine.
4. Be open to possibility.  Steven Levine, who teaches and writes on death and dying, says (I paraphrase) "when we are wholly present, unseen possibilities arise that increase the breadth of action rather than narrowing it."  Avoid cultivating one-way scenarios that may not occur.
5. Step forward in intimate relationships.  I recently had a conflict with a friend in which I found myself stepping back because I felt rejected and abandoned by her.  When I turned that around and stepped forward, toward her, with open-hearted honesty, I felt pain, but the contracture went away.  I was back in flow.  Often, relationships go awry because each person steps back, successively, until the parties are utterly contracted and out of any kind of significant touch.
6. Breathe.  Circulation of air comes even before circulation of blood in increasing internal energy currency.
7. Ground yourself.  Our dynamic relationship with gravity is a form of circulation - we push the earth away to move and live, but the earth holds us down like a Velcro mother at the same time, and when we consciously feel this, we get better.
8. Remember, as the 12-step slogan says:  "Things may not get better, but I always can."
9. Give.  Find things to give to other people:  objects, support, opportunities, networking connections.  Make dinner for someone.  Give them one of your farmer's market apples.  Help somebody you don't know without warning and without needing thanks.  Think of this not as an act of generosity - although it is - but an act of promoting circulation in our community system.
10. Understand that you are part of a bigger circulation, and that the current situation is part of a larger series of transitions.  Place yourself in the stream - accept your situation.  Let's face it, baby, you're soaking in it, as Madge the manicurist used to say on TV.  Let your understanding of that allow you to let go of the need to personally control your life, and start managing things by engaging your creativity in community with the environment - natural, social and economic.

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