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Get It Out in the Open 

It's winter now -- in our economy!  Don't let it make you sick. 
If you feel bad right now - fearful, like you want to put your hands over your eyes; paralyzed; or just plain "bad" all around, it's helpful to remember that it's you're not the only one going through this.  Don't go it alone if you want to stay healthy.  Your life may be going fine, but that very same life becomes difficult and painful when you don't face and discuss fear.  Then you're less resilient when challenge occurs for real.  Think about it:
If you want to stay healthy in your body and steady in your life, you need to know that you're not the only one feeling worried -- up against a wall you can't even define.  The biggest corporation in the world is in bankruptcy right now.  You are no less competent that anyone else; some of the best "experts " in their fields were not prepared for this crisis. That doesn't have to ruin your life, but it is real, and it is part of the reason you are worried and challenged.  So it makes sense to feel a unity with others all around the world, and not to feel like you need to hide from or resist your challenges.
We all need to get connected with people we can open up to, to talk about our fear and distress, and to get clarity about what is true for us right now for us so we can keep our feet on the ground and our minds in order.  This sharing we need to do isn't complaining, and it may not even yield specific help, though it's likely to improve things.  No, this action is to keep body and mind healthy so we can survive or even thrive no matter what comes our way in the next six months and beyond.  

What I'm observing in my patients and friends, and in myself, is that fear can make people freeze in anticipated or real despair. From time to time, or all the time, we're paralyzed in the feeling that we have to do something -- but we can't think of what it is we have to do.  Worse yet, some of us are paralyzed to the point where we can't express, even to ourselves, what we're afraid of.  And that muteness may be more dangerous to us than some of the things we're afraid of.
Fear, and the frozen alienated feeling it can lead to, manifests in the body.  Random feelings of depression and despair manifest as lower back pain, a vague feeling of physical distress, fear of serious illness, or the inability to fight off the flu.  These are all things I've seen in clients.  To get them well I've had to get them talking, not just to me, but to the people they can depend upon and who depend on them.
Please talk to somebody.  Talk to people with whom you feel comfortable. Share ideas and strategies that help you deal with the feelings. Think of your sharing as an act of generosity, since other people are going through the same thing as you.
Below is a step-by step breakdown of what you just read.  It might be helpful to print it out and carry it around with you.  And please forward it to people who need it. 
1.  To be ready for anything, you have to stay healthy in your body and mind.  You have to find and stay with your true resources (where is your true wealth invested -- and how are you managing it?), and close to your support people (they're a big part of your wealth portfolio).
2.  You need to track yourself, with help - so that you know exactly what you're afraid of.  This requires rigorous honesty, discernment and courage.
3.  It's easy to feel that acknowledging fear will make it worse or threaten your friends and family.  But only "getting it out there" can keep you from freezing, paralyzing and taking unhealthy actions in the face of your fear.   So even if you're in denial - be honest about it. Your silence will protect neither you nor your loved ones.
4.  The stock market is crashing, companies that seemed secure are falling like apples, and you and your friends are losing things -- jobs, money...  There is no question that this is affecting your physical and mental health, and you need help with it.  Fear of losing a beloved second home is different from becoming homeless, but the fear feels the same in your body and affects your health the same way.
5.  Among my patients, fear is making people unwell.  You may be one of them.  But if fear is what's making you unwell physically and mentally, you can become well again.
7.  Reason for opening up:  you are not talking to manifest your weakness, but to access your strength and resources, which are all around you even if your terror has made them temporarily invisible.  Find people who are trustworthy and can also open up about their fear and reveal their strength.  Honesty about what you fear will help you clarify what's true, what's true today, and what you need to face real and imagined challenges.
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Quotation, as cited in the current White Crane Journal -- "I think now we're misled so often.  We have our eye on the horizon looking for a genius of some sort to save us.  There is no genius coming.  The genius is already here.  It's in the community.  And our difficulty seems to be that sometimes we confuse the manifestation of genius in an individual with the notion that that's where it resides.  But it doesn't reside in an individual.  It's in the community of people." -- Barry Lopez
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