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George Russell, D.C. Press Release
Danger in your home!

Examine these three photos carefully:

Danger!  Watch out for the one you spend the most time with, care for above all else when she's ill, and know you could never live without. That's right, baby: I'm talking about your iPad.
Remember the snow leopard you adopted that time (or was it an ocelot...)-- and raised as your own child?  The best private schools, play groups, OT -- It was all fun & games until (s)he destroyed your Florida room and took off with your husband.  In her teeth. So it is with your trusty iPad.

By now, if your neck or back hurt from work or play, you've taken some time to think about your computer ergonomics.  But when you take your iPad out? It sits askew on your lap on the subway, and any thought of the consequences evaporates as you giggle out loud to the downloaded antics of Adam Sandler.  

What's to be done?  Here's an interesting article that "proves" we have a problem (as if we needed science to tell us). It suggests things like keeping the iPad at eye level, but come on, people, while you're lying on the couch arm watching "Sons of Anarchy" and cruising for authentic driftwood ceiling fans?  Limiting your time on the iPad or stretching?  You haven't gone to the bathroom or eaten in 12 hours because you want to watch one more car chase on Youtube.  Is back discomfort or the thought "I'm spending too much time on the Internet" really a motivator?
I look like Lennon
A few possibilities:

*Put your bag, if you have one, on your lap under the iPad when you're on the train.  Or use a sofa cushion or firm pillow when you're on the couch.  That will lift it up a little.  At the least, cross your leg and put it on the top one. 

*At home, you could have a relatively healthy designated chair, or starting position, for iPad fun that allows you to stare at your love object with your head resting.  And if you're using the iPad in bed, have a lot of pillows behind your back so you're not pretzling.  You will be sure to squirm around -- in fact, if you're aware that you need to shift positions you're ahead of the game -- so set up a secure environment for play.

Don't get me started on your phone (because I have a good number of people I need to text right now).  The positions people take when texting remind me of sinners burning in hell in 13th Century frescoes. When you do this a lot your neck and upper back will be in hell, or haven't you noticed?

But again, we all know you can't stop -- yes, I mean you -- and your therapist may not yet be trained to help you with this one. Just make sure your font size is at its largest and the keyboard on the phone you buy is large enough that you can type fairly accurately. These two actions will bring down the physical stress quite a bit.  Finally, remember that unless you are a tween (ages 9-12), "uh-huh" as a complete text utterance is never appropriate.

Have more ideas?  Care to share your personal story of iPad-induced horror and misery?  Contact me.  And for the perfect beach vacation, don't forget to put the (ocelot) snow leopard? in the kennel, and pack the iPad.
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Michelle Obama to get Earful
J. Bob Alotta is a colleague and friend who has been a major progressive activist for decades. It's no wonder Michelle Obama has invited Bob to a roundtable discussion with lesbian and transgender people. (That's a first!)

Bob needs money if she is going to get to this discussion and I bet you would like to help her. You can make your contribution through our office. We will forward the money and whatever you want Michelle to know ("answer my text, girl! GTGN")and we will send it right on to Bob.